Richards Industries is a custom steel fabrication shop and has been in operation since 1956. A very diversified business specializing in manufacturing all types of machine bases/platforms, weldments, frames, enclosures, or just simple machine guards. We fabricate various types of material handling equipment from trough conveyors, slider bed conveyors to dumpers with hydraulic cyclinder or wire cable functions.
   Our capabilites include shearing, bending, punching, drilling, machining, forming and welding of structural steel, plate, sheet metal and pipe materials. We realize our customer's requirements are different, therefore we fabricate customized products to meet their needs. Richards Industries' facilties are geared to supply the best finished product at the least possible cost.
   In addition to our diversified capabilities in fabrication, we have a wide range of experience in material usage such as carbon steel, stainless steel, various alloys, aluminum, galvanized, etc. The added expertise to working with these materials lends a sense of accomplishment and thus pride to Richards Industries in their abilities.
   Richards Industries has established a recognized capability and reputation for the finest quality workmanship utilizing the latest equipment and technology. We are staffed with experienced and reliable people. All projects are accepted as a personal challenge to sustain and prove our capabilities to our current and prospective customers. Fabricating to the customer's specifications, every item is manufactured with strict quality control standards. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and our "on-time" deliveries.
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Richards Industries
4 Fairfield Crescent
West Caldwell
Phone: 973-575-7480
Fax: 973-575-6783